Offering a panoply of open air activities:

  • ski slopes for skiing and snowboarding;
  • streams and rivers offering excellent fly or line fishing, and swimming, canoeing, rowing and tubing.
  • Huge areas of state parkland offering rock climbing, hiking, picnicking, birdwatching and and trail riding.
  • Equestrian centers for riding, driving, eventing and dressage.
  • A myriad of golf courses, both public and private; an ice rink (and yes, ice hockey), tennis or flying. Even a sailing or scuba club.

For those seeking more relaxing entertainment, enjoy the huge range of performing arts in the numerous theatres and clubs, as well as world class major acts at the two arenas, Paramount theatre or Charlottesville Pavilion. Not to mention summer opera on the grounds at President Monroe’s home or Shakespeare in the Barboursville ruins.

In a more cerebral vein, the local universities and colleges offer both credit and non-credit day and evening classes in a wide variety of subjects, both academic, practical and recreational,

When you need to travel, you will find your choices equally impressive. Planning to fly? Charlottesville offers a relaxed and easy departure whilst both Richmond and Washington are an easy drive away. Amtrak from Charlottesville will take you north to NY and Boston, and from Richmond take the cauto train south to Florida. Trailways serves us, and the Starlight Express offers cheap travel to NY. And by car? We are well served (without being intruded upon) by Interstates – I95 to the east, I81 to the west, and I64 across the area, east to west.

For more information about this area, I recommend the following websites: