I was born in England, and grew up in New Zealand. I left New Zealand to travel the world. After several years in Europe teaching sailing, I wound up in the West Indies and entered into the charter yacht business captaining vessels from schooners to brigantines.

I then moved into the field of running large motor yachts. For the next 14 years I captained the personal yacht of a prominent international figure across the oceans of the world.

A chance trip to a friend’s family estate  introduced me and my wife Laura to the charms of Virginia, and we promptly gave up our sea life and purchased an historic house and several hundred acres of land. We have spent the last eighteen years personally restoring this lovely old house (a job never done!) as well as raising cattle and sheep.

I retained an interest in my marine field, working as a technical consultant, and as a purchaser’s agent in the area of very large motor yachts.

My wife and I also purchased an old building in Scottsville that we renovated and turned into a successful European style restaurant.

For relaxation I ride my Belgian mare Molly, sail when I can and enjoy exploring Virginia’s country backroads with Laura (and with the top down!).

For most of my adult life, I have worked for people whose requirements were immediate, many times difficult to fulfill, and failure was never an option. My guests at sea ranged from presidents, princes and film stars, to schoolchums of the owner’s children. Our credo was that ‘nothing is too much trouble, and attention to detail is paramount. I approach my real estate business the same way – it is the only way I know.